Virtually every home with a plumbing system will require maintenance at one point or another. That reason alone makes starting a plumbing business a good idea, as you will likely be able to find work quickly. If you’re considering starting one yourself, these recommendations can help.

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Always Have The Right Supplies on Hand

There’s a high chance your customers will have certain bathroom basics on hand, such as a plunger, but even then, bring your own, just in case. An o ring kit is a must, as leaky faucets are among the most common bathroom problems, and often the result of o rings that have become broken or worn. Bring special liquids for cleaning out drains, as well as caulk and tools for fixing or replacing pipes, toilets and so forth.

Get Licensed

In most parts of the world, plumbers need a license by law. Requirements vary by location, but often require spending time as an apprentice or journeyman plumber. In addition to having to accumulate a specific amount of work hours, aspiring plumbers usually must take a written exam.

Spread the Word

If you want to get clients, then they actually need to know you exist. Invest in advertising, post flyers and have business cards made that can be passed around: leave a card or two behind with each customer you visit, so they can spread the word to friends and neighbors. Consider starting a web site, where you can detail the exact services you offer and provide contact information for appointments. Alternately, you can also advertise on social media, which is usually free.

Reward Your Customers

Don’t charge exorbitant amounts for simple fixes. Offering smaller jobs free of charge is a great way to earn a customer’s trust, as it makes them more likely to call you for the bigger jobs.

With these simple tips, you’ll have your plumbing business up and running in no time.