FLINT, Mich. (WNEM) – An organization is aiming to help residents and business owners in Flint trust the quality of their water.

The National Clean Water Collective is planning to test 100 homes and businesses to make sure the water is safe after the rupture of the transmission main that supplies the city.

The founder of National Clean Water Collective, Syrah Scott, says the New York-based non-profit has been working with Flint for the past seven years.

“Many of the people that we work with on the ground, organizations, individuals, they’ve been complaining for a while and to know that we can do this for them and serve the community and give them some sort of resolve and knowing what’s in their water I think that’s a really big deal,” Scott said.

Testing runs from Sept. 6 through Sept. 14.

If you’d like your home or business to get tested, you can join the waiting list by sending an email to info@nationalcleanwater.org.

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