Angelique Atwell is a mom, wife, corporate queen, crossfitter and former collegiate volleyball player with a knack for helping others. Growing up playing sports, she knew she wanted to be a coach of some sort. But it wasn’t until 2020 when she was introduced to the world of life coaching.

“I read a couple of books that were about self-development, that were actual life coaches, and it sparked my interest,” Atwell said. “Because of the pandemic, I felt like life is very precious and there’s no better time than today. So I said, ‘You know what? I have to just go for it. And if I’m going to be preaching to others to do that for themselves, I have to be able to do it myself.’”

So in April 2021, she became a certified life coach and began offering one-on-one virtual services to millennial women like herself — encouraging her clients to channel their “queen” energy and live the life they are longing for.


“A lot of times people just need that extra support system that is just going to be there wholeheartedly, undivided and unbiased,” Atwell said.

Many might wonder what the difference is between life coaching and therapy. While therapy often reflects on the past or helps people to heal — life coaching looks to the future. Atwell focuses on providing clients with the tools they need to reach their goals whether that be financially and professionally or with relationships and life changes.

“Plenty of people want to change career fields or move states, but friends and family might not fully understand, and they’re going to give their own biased opinion. So I come in saying, I’m strictly here to just support your goals and your dreams and your aspirations,she said. Everyone has such a unique story, but to the core, we all want the same things, love, happiness and a safe space to just be who we are.”


Atwell has built her brand and coaching model after three key pillars that have been important in her personal growth: self-love, mindset and accountability. Since starting her business, Atwell has already seen success in her teachings. She’s had clients earn the promotion they were after, change jobs and even start their own business.

Atwell has grown to lead low-cost community workshops. Most recently, she led a Mother’s Day workshop allowing women in all stages of motherhood to come together, connect and learn from each other.

“I wanted to help build that community locally. Even though I was born and raised in San Antonio, I know when I became a mother it was very isolating,” she explained. “So creating something like that for other moms to come together and say, ‘just because we might look different or even if we look the same, we can still have the same type of struggles in motherhood.’”


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Atwell offers a free 30-minute session to see if life coaching is right for you. You can find all of her services and pricing on her website.

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