Kevin McCarthy, center right, walks to his meeting with House Republicans on Tuesday.

Kevin McCarthy, center right, walks to his meeting with House Republicans on Tuesday. (Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images)

A closed-door meeting among Republican lawmakers ahead of the vote for House speaker is heating up.

As GOP leader Kevin McCarthy entered the room, he received a standing ovation from most people before he went over the rules package, sources tell CNN.

McCarthy raised his voice in the meeting as he animatedly teed off on his opponents, detailed all the concessions he has made and said that it hasn’t been good enough, two sources said.

“I’ve earned this job,” he said.
“I’m not going to go away. I’m going to stand until the last four friends stand with me,” he said, according to a source.
McCarthy also swore in his speech, dropping a “god damnit.”

A source called it a fiery speech and said McCarthy made clear he would negotiate no more. Another source told CNN that McCarthy took his opponents “to the woodshed like I’ve never seen.”

McCarthy said opponents came to him with “personal asks” on Monday night, such as committee assignments and special assignments. 

Rep. Lauren Boebert yelled “bullsh*t” in response to his speech, according to a source.  

GOP Rep. Mike Rogers, a McCarthy ally and incoming Chair of the House Armed Services, said in the meeting that anyone who votes against McCarthy won’t get a committee, two sources tell CNN.  

CNN previously reported this was a threat McCarthy allies were considering.

As an aide left the meeting, a CNN reporter was able to observe through the open door that GOP members packed the room, listening quietly. Maybe a dozen members were waiting to speak on the microphone that stood in the center hallway.

Rep. Chip Roy addressed Rogers’ comments at the open microphone and was upset, a source said. He got into a heated back and forth with the GOP leader, with McCarthy teeing off on Roy, yet acknowledging he won’t have the votes on first ballot, and then Roy responding: “All you’re doing is guaranteeing the vote.” 

The conference cheered on McCarthy as he took his detractors head on.

Rep. Ryan Zinke spoke up in favor of McCarthy, saying: “I’ll use the words of Teddy Roosevelt. You’re either with us or against us. The stakes are too high. I’m with you Kevin.”

GOP Rep. Scott Perry got in a heated back-and-forth with McCarthy, even raising their voices in the closed door meeting, multiple sources tell CNN. 

Perry accused McCarthy of not having a track record on spending bills. McCarthy asked Perry what is left for him to give, and questioned what he is still fighting for the sources added.

CNN’s Manu Raju reports the latest from Capitol Hill:


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