How to turn negative online reviews into marketing wins

Marketing and customer reviews go hand in hand; they work together to help a company grow. In the case of customer review, it’s a gold mine that can actually stand alone but indirectly serves as a feedback marketing tool that helps all businesses to thrive. Here are a few ways to turn customer feedback into a fantastic marketing tool.



If you are the type that does not value the use of testimonials and has refused to add it to your website, it’s about time you add it. A positive customer review is a great tool that the public looks to see whenever they thought of partnering in business with anyone. Customer’s feedback makes your company look fantastic to both new and existing visitors that come to your site to make one inquiry or the other. It is no doubt an indication that present customers patronizing you are comfortable with your business. Doing this may make you feel like you are on top of the world, but you have to do it as that is one thing that speaks so many words about your business. Make sure the reviews are genuine and not, but so you can be proud to tell people you earned their trust legitimately.


Email marketing and customer reviews

There are possibilities that you run an email marketing campaign. Your campaign will not be complete if you do not add your customer feedbacks to your mailing list. Do this so that the world will know that your company does not only exist but does a good job and there are real people out there that are happy with your work.


Customer reviews with email signature

When sending an email signature to new prospects, add your reviews to it, this is another subtle way you can leverage your customer reviews. The usual place the report is attached to an email signature is at the bottom of your mail; it is also a great way of making your colleagues know more about your business.


Helps to increase your app search optimization

Search engine optimization is not new to everyone, but I’m sure not everybody knows what app optimization is all about. Just as businesses look for how their website can rank on search engines, notably Google, the same way we seek to rank our app when people search for it on play store. If your company has a mobile app review, it is one of the factors that will allow the app to rank faster at any time people search for apps on play store.


Customer feedback is a way of increasing consumer’s confidence

If customers pick interest in what you do, they may need a gentle nudge to covert this set of people to sales. That is where customer reviews will play a significant role in convincing them to buy into your idea. Before customers commit themselves to buy an item or the other, they love to read other people’s feedback as regards that product before they can be convinced it’s true.


With this, do not see customer feedback as a form of play. It has helped a lot of companies around the world to reach greater heights.