A woman waves to say good bye to her husband as she leaves on a bus in Kramatorsk, Ukraine on April 9.

The Ukrainian military’s Office of Strategic Communications posted a photo Saturday that purports to show dead Russian servicemen left behind in a common grave after fighting in Ukraine’s northeastern Kharkiv region.

“The myth is that the Russians do not leave their dead,” the statement read. “When clearing the settlement of Vilkhivka, a common grave of the occupiers was discovered by soldiers the 92nd Mechanized Brigade near Kharkiv.” 

CNN could not immediately verify the authenticity of the photo, which shows at least 10 bodies in Russian uniform.

“We don’t leave ours behind” is one of the unofficial slogans of the Russian war in Ukraine. 

The statement claimed that soldiers of the 92nd Mechanized Brigade and volunteer detachments near Kharkiv destroyed two Russian battalion tactical groups on March 30. 

Fighting has continued in the region of the northeastern city of Kharkiv.

It was “being shelled practically all day long” and a Russian offensive was expected in Kharkiv region, from direction of Izium, Vadym Denysenko, an adviser to the Interior Minister of Ukraine, had said in remarks on national television Saturday.

“Russians continue to build up the forces on this direction,” he said. “We understand that one of the key tasks of RF [Russian forces] is to reach Donbas, Donetsk region, or to be more specific Slovyansk and Kramatorsk from Izium side. So this is one of the most difficult directions as of today.”

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