(Andrew Milligan/Pool Photo/AP)

(Andrew Milligan/Pool Photo/AP)

The Scottish parliament held a two-minute moment of silence to honor Queen Elizabeth II. The parliament is now hearing a motion of condolence following her death.

King Charles III and his wife, the Queen Consort, are present. 

“For people across our country this is a time of profound sorrow,” Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said. 

Before the silence, Alison Johnstone, the presiding officer, said the Queen called the parliament “rightly anchored in the history of Scotland” and said the Scottish people have “grit, determination, humor and forthrightness.”

“These were qualities that occupied a personal place in her own and family’s affections, and generations of people here in Scotland reciprocated that affection,” she said.

Johnstone said that while the occasion is a time for sadness and reflection, “its also a day to recognize and be thankful for Her Majesty’s long reign, service to this country and friendship to this parliament.”

The format for the motion of condolence in the chamber saw Johnstone welcome His Majesty The King and The Queen Consort to the Chamber before inviting each of the party leaders to speak to the motion, the Scottish Parliament said Sunday in a news release. 

The King will then respond to the motion, it added. 

CNN’s Sharon Braithwaite contributed reporting to this post.

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