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Running and operating a new business venture isn’t an easy task. It is estimated that approximately 80% of new businesses close down within their first year of operation. This calls for one to be very careful when establishing a start-up. Some of the basics you need to know when starting a business include, always validate your business idea by doing a marketing survey, have a business plan and ensure you have a great and dedicated team. This article explores some of the business ideas that you can try out in 2021.

Food truck business

Most people who are passionate about cooking have a dream of owning a restaurant business. However, not everyone can afford, the vast investments that restaurant businesses require. This should not discourage you as you can still open a food truck business even with less capital. All that is required is for one is to make an initial investment of buying a food truck. A food truck requires much lesser capital than a restaurant would and will help you study the market as revenue still streams in. Once you, have successfully proved that a market exists and you’ve got enough revenue. You can convert the food truck business into a restaurant business.


If you need a business that you will be operating from home, then dropshipping is an excellent opportunity for you. The fact that it has low entry barriers makes it a great opportunity, especially for beginners. Dropshipping entails a seller selling a manufacturer’s product, while the manufacturer remains responsible for creating the products, packaging them and shipping them to clients. Thus drop shipping is an inventory free and hands-off business. It also permits one to offer products in a wide variety of niches including pets, fashion, beauty, automotive, among others. This is one of the best business opportunity that beginners with no much capital can start with.


Freelancing is a business that involves doing your skill for other businesses. If you want to be hands-off in your freelancing business, you can hire freelancers and delegate to them projects. This helps in the scaling of your business. Freelancing often entails remote work such as graphic design, writing, and photography, and thus is a perfect business to pursue from home.


Consulting is another business opportunity you can try out. It typically involves a specialist helping a broad group of individuals with a particular skill. For instance, you can be an expert in Facebook Ads; your work will be to offers businesses with insights that will help them run successful Facebook ads. On the other hand, a beauty consultant can help clients shop the right products for their skin tone. A consultant is an expert in a particular area who shares the expertise to help others succeed. After you have found out the skills that you excel in most, you can consider being a consultant in that particular area.

Print on Demand

Print on demand is a promising business that anyone should seek venturing into. It involves a person designing their products, and then manufacturers proceed to print, package and ship the products to clients on the person’s behalf. It thus allows one to practice their creativity while being hands-off, making it a great e-commerce business opportunity. While they may look similar, there is a difference between dropshipping and print on demand. While manufacturers create the product in dropshipping, print on demand involves a person designing their product. Thus in print on demand, you sell a product type not being sold by anybody else.

Website design

Today the world has digitalized, and companies are all seeking to have an online presence. To have a new and impressive online look, companies are seeking to have their websites revamped. Website designers can venture into this great business opportunity and start sourcing corporate clients to design websites for them. Website design has worked well for many individuals.


Bookkeeping is a business that entails the managing of expenses, income, preparing tax returns and processing payroll for business clients. This is a great business opportunity for anyone with skills and experience in accounting and bookkeeping. Small businesses always have the problem of not having the ability and time to manage and setup their bookkeeping systems. By offering such companies with bookkeeping services, you can earn good amounts of cash. One should be aware that businesses handle sensitive data and thus in bookkeeping ensure that you got a seasoned team of professionals. Today this is a business idea that can be highly profitable if managed and handled properly.

In conclusion, if you have always loved getting into business, and don’t have a business idea ready, you can try out any of the above. As your business grows, you’ll need business furniture. Online reviews will help you identify reputable companies to source office furniture. You can have a look at office furniture companies reviews and vidaxl contact.